Topic A: The United Nations Transport Conventions on border crossing facilitations

UNECE has been working on the process of accompanying and easing border crossing procedures for the various forms of internal transport. Since the matter of border crossing facilitation became a thing, the process upon the matter has been guided by the UNECE.
The best way to describe the role of UNECE upon the matter of border crossing facilitation can be through the work and researches that have been done by The Working Partyon Customs Questions affecting Transport (WP.30). The Working Party on Customs Questions affecting Transport (WP.30) is an inter-governmental forum dealing with activities of a policy, legal, administrative, documentary, technical, economic and environmental nature. In particular, the Working Party prepares, reviews, modifies and administers a large number of United Nations conventions and agreements in the field of border crossing facilitation.

Topic B: National Mechanisms for Gender Equality in Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

The problem of gender inequality has also been in the concern of UNECE. Since the countries involved get affected in negative ways by the issue, UNECE has been working on researches to reach a resolve.
UNECE has published a regional study upon the issue in the year of 2010. This study includes such titles like “Strengthening National Mechanisms For Gender Equality and The Empowerment of Women”.
The study highlights key areas of success and identifies the constraints and challenges faced by national mechanisms which can hinder effective progress towards gender equality and need to be addressed by the countries under review. While significant progress in establishing new and diverse institutional mechanisms for gender equality and the empowerment of women has been made, considerable challenges remain in the areas of institutional mandates, portfolios, visibility, and capacities.